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Shimano Alfine - Internal Geared Rear Hub Disc Brake 11 speed

Your price: SGD$685.20

SHIMANO ALFINE - Internal Geared Rear Hub - CENTER LOCK - Disc Brake - O.L.D. 135 mm - 11-speed -Black

The SHIMANO ALFINE S7001-11 hub offers a wide 409% gear range and an improved internal structure for better gear engagement.

  • Improved internal structure for better gear engagement
  • Smooth shifting performance
  • Improved performance for both E-BIKE and non-E-BIKE usage
  • No. of Holes = 32H or 36H (Please check with us on availability)
  • Colour = Black or Silver (Please check with us on availability)


Product Specifications

MODEL NO SG-S7001-11
SERIES  ALFINE S7000/S700 Series
Color   Black or Silver
Average weight   1665g

Brake type_Mount Type

CENTER LOCK disc brake
Bike Type_Mount Type CENTER LOCK disc brake
Speeds 11
Gear ratio_Total 409%
Gear ratio_1 0.527
Gear ratio_2 0.681
Gear ratio_3 0.77
Gear ratio_4 0.878
Gear ratio_5 0.995
Gear ratio_6 1.134
Gear ratio_7 1.292
Gear ratio_8 1.462
Gear ratio_9 1.667
Gear ratio_10 1.888
Gear ratio_11 2.153
Spoke hole_36H
Axle length (mm)_187
Shifting structure Top Normal
Flange distance (mm) 57.3
Offset (mm) 3.2
P.C.D. left / right (mm) 92.6
Flange diameter (mm) 104.3
O.L.D. (mm) 135
Driving efficiency High
Flange diameter (mm) 104.3
Flange width (mm)_Left 3.2
Flange width (mm)_Right 3.2
Gear change support mechanism
Silent clutch
Spoke size #13/#14
Rear speeds 11