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At the moment, we are only delivering to Singapore. However, if you are located overseas but keen in our products, do drop us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to find out what it takes to deliver to your doorstep. So far we have shipped many orders to countries in South East Asia, Europe and NZ/Australia.

2-5 working days depending on items ordered. For deliveries of heavy or large items, our courier will contact you directly to arrange an appointment for the delivery.

Delivery info for Singapore:

•    Self-Collection is available and is FREE. Please arrange self-collection with Green Basikal after placing your order.

•    Green Basikal is pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over SGD100.

•    Standard Delivery- Courier service (J&T Express, Janio & etc) :
    1)   Order Weight : 0.0grams  -    4999.0grams
           Delivery Fee : SGD3.00
    2)    Order Weight : 5kg and above
           Delivery Fee : SGD8.00

Goods sold are non-refundable/returnable.

Green Basikal strongly advise that customers to check the conditions of item/s upon delivery. In the event of a problem (damaged packaging or missing, damaged or broken items, incorrect model, size, color), you:

·         must describe the condition of the parcel or package being refused in detail on the delivery note;

·         must have the courier countersign on the delivery note; and

·         will have a period of 7 calendar days (excluding public holidays) to notify Green Basikal by any means.


All our products are covered by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects (Limited lifetime warranty applies for Green Guru products), subjected to the following conditions:

a.       You must be the original owner of the item(s) purchased from Green Basikal in order to make a warranty request.

b.      The item is damaged or faulty (However, this warranty does not cover problems caused by negligence, damage or inappropriate use of the item by you. Green Basikal reserves the right to decline warranty requests for items without a receipt, or that are damaged due to negligence or wear-and-tear.)

c.       Please produce original receipts for all warranty/returns claims

d.      The team at Green Basikal (though small in size) are dedicated to your total satisfaction. If your product is faulty ( for reasons verified), we will do out best to assist you in replacement, subject to availability.

We currently accept:

1) Paypal - The main reason we choose Paypal is because Paypal will safeguard you from unauthorized transactions as well as purchases that go bad. Paypal handles all of your financial information, you don't have to worry about sharing that data with us. Your credit card numbers and bank account details are stored only with Paypal and are never shared with us. Besides, if you feel we violated your agreement and you want to file a claim against us you can file a dispute through PayPal within 30 days of your purchase.

2) Bank Transfer - Products will be shipped once payment is received.
Beneficiary Name: Green Basikal                                                                                 
Account No: 527-873-871-001
Bank Code: 7339
Bank Name: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) Limited Singapore
Bank Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
Branch Code/Name: 527/Jurong East  

3) Paynow - UEN53244467A

4) Cash - For self-collect orders only


In order to make bicycling with children as safe as possible, the child seats we offered are approved according to EN14344¹ and TÜV/GS² test. Our child seats are made of large high strength reinforced plastic that provide good protection for your children. Ergonomically designed large seating area and high back rest put the children on a natural and comfortable posture. The large side wheels/spokes panels help prevent contact between children’s feet and the rotating bike wheel thus reducing the risk of injury. There are no protruding or sharp parts in the seats and they are shock- and temperature-resistant.Our products have also passed the test for their PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) content as part of the GS testing too. Parts of the child seat where children likely to be in contact easily and put in their mouth are tested for according to GS Category 1 PAH criteria. They are items like seat belt and handle bar. As for the child seat main body, it has passed category 2 PAH criteria test. Below table of limits for PAH in products:

Product will be awarded the GS mark only if these conditions are met. The GS mark is a voluntary sign


1. EN14344 is the European standard for bike child seats.

2. TÜV is an independent body which inspects consumer products. TÜV seal ensures the safety, quality and reliability of our products.

   GS seal stands for “geprüfte Sicherheit”, addresses the concerns of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) and is affixed to products that have been approved as safe. The GS mark is testament that a product has been inspected for safety and that production management is being carried out consistently at the factory where the product is being made.

Our child seats are designed for for children up to 7 years with max. weight 22 kg. However, do not use for children under 1 year old or weighing under 9 kilos. Carry only children that are able to sit unaided for a longer period of time, at least as long as the intended cycle journey.

We have tried both types from many brands and we find that children are generally safer at the rear than at the front. At the rear they offer higher backrest and side panels. In the event of a fall, your child will have better protection. They offer better shield from wind and insects too. Rear-fitting child seats are suitable for children up to 22 kg (front-fitting usually up to only 15kg). Children are more comfortable on rear-fitting child seat for longer journeys and a tired child will not slip sideway and dangle their foot info the front wheel. It is also a more comfortable riding posture for the rider without having to pedal with knees out.


Frame mounting – fits onto frame/seat tubes of most types of bicycles. It is also possible to fit on small-wheeled bikes or folding bikes as long as the centre of gravity (clearly visibly marked on the outside of the seat) is not more than 100 mm behind the point vertically above the rear wheel axle. See below picture:

Bike Rack Mounting – fits most types of bike rack of 26” to 28” bicycle by dovetail support. The bike rack's maximum load capacity must be at least 25kg. It is not recommended for bike rack of smaller wheel folding bikes/bikes due to the low frame design and the likelihood of the rider hitting the child seat when pedaling is quite high.

If you are not sure, just e-mail us a picture of your bicycle and we will advise you accordingly.

Yes, we do if you bring your bicycle to us, we can provide installation free of charge.

Please email us to arrange time and date of installation after you have purchased the child seat from us.


No more than 30kg's worth of cargo (60 liters in volume) for T1 and 30kg's cargo (75 liters in volume) for T2. The weight limit of ordinary airlines is 20kg and in normal use, carrying more than 30kg's worth of cargo is very rare.


In this design, we stress on the easy conversion between trailer and luggage and pull-luggage case. Due to the weight of the trailer and luggage, it is very unlikely to slip off, and the safety buckle is designed to prevent slipping. Therefore, please ensure that the safety strap is fitted properly.

It depends on the size of the folding bike. Some 14" folding bikes might fit, but the T1 trailer was not designed for them. A folding bike with a wheel size of less than 14" is not practical on the road. If larger than 14", you need a much larger container than T1 to carry it. It is not convenient for traveling and commuting when your trailers or luggage are too large. With T1, you can travel easily on the MRT or escalator.

The joining hook set is made of tough stainless steel and under transient high torque, it may be deformed but not broken or causing damage to other components. When it is deformed, it can be fixed with pliers to rectify. You can buy a spare also.

All two wheel trailer and luggages have the potential of flipping. The height of T1 wheel is adjustable, allowing proper adaptation of the center of gravity to increase stability of the entire package. In addition, handling your equipment with care and safety at all times makes for good practice.

Other than regularly checking for loose screws, lubricating of the handle joints, keeping it clean. No extra maintenance is required.

Yes. It can be used as a luggage trolley for a long distance trips, or as a shopping trailer. Its 8”inflatable tires are tough and stable yet quite and are suitable for all type of road surface.

It can share the load with your bicycle. It can be detached from the bicycle anytime, and keep your bicycle light. This is an individual and complete accessory. It will fit any bicycle model.


It moves synchronously with bicycles. If the rider gets used to it, it won't flip over. Single wheel trailers are much more suitable for long-distance and cross-country touring.

Other than checking for loose screws periodically, you should use grease to lubricate the POM headset occasionally. The T2 doesn’t need any special care so long as you keep it clean.

You can try to find a standing target such as a pole or a wall. By using the T2 trailer’s turning axle as a supporting point and leaning on the standing target, you should be able to find the balance for parking. It is not appropriate to use the kick stand located at BB sections. If you need to park for a longer period, you can detach the T2 trailer before parking.

Constructed using TPU fabric, the bag of T2 is 100% waterproof. It conforms to EN-71/ROHS/CPSIA/California 65/REACH regulations.


No. T2 is only meant for cargo. Do not use it to carry humans or animals.

The tire and inner tube are the usual parts subjected to wear and tears. The POM headset can be worn out after long-term use or in bad road conditions. Those parts and other accessories can be purchased and replaced.


We have two selections:“Cage” and Cage “V". The head of the original water cage is closed and round. The way to set it up is by holding the cage and clicking it into the mounting cleats platform by sliding it down. The V shaped model has an open part on its head. You need to insert the water cage head on the side into the first mounting cleats and then turn the cage and pull it down to click on the second mounting cleats.monkii

By using a fastener, you can carry water bottles of all sizes and shapes. After securing the water bottle with the fastener, you can remove the bottle with the cage together without detaching the fastener.

You can put it on any section of the bicycle frame that has no threaded holes for bottle cage, such as the down tube or the head tube. You can also put it on any other section that doesn’t bother you while biking such as the seat post or the top tube.

The Monkii cage [V] with side-in mode is for bikes with smaller frame or you want to use it with a long water bottle and there is space limitation on the bike.

Like other water bottles in traditional cages, your water bottle can become loose if the road condition is bad. 

Our Kids' helmets fit head circumference of 49-54cm. Use a tape measure to find the circumference of your child's head. Please measure the line just above the ear and around the back of the head and forehead. See picture below:



Our helmets are designed for children from 1 year old to 6 years old (subjected to the individual child's head circumference). They fit head circumference of 49-54cm.

Average size of the head circumference of Japanese children (for reference only)
6 months to 1 year old ...... 48cm
1 year to 18 months    ...... 50cm
2 years to 3 years old   ...... 52cm
4 years to 6 years old   ...... 54cm
6 years to 8 years old   ...... 56cm

* Do not use for infant under 1 year old

All our helmets come with SG Mark approval. SG Mark System is a product certification system. Japan's Consumer Product Safety Association(CPSA) stipulates the Safety Standards to acquire the SG mark for specified products that could endanger human life or cause injures in terms of structure, material and/or mode of usage. These standards including necessary criteria for judging safe consumer products are formulated based on the expertise and opinions of representatives from many different sectors, including consumers, manufacturers, distributors, test and inspection institutes, and government offices. Only those products that comply with the Safety Standards are authorized to bear SG mark as approval products. In the unlikely event that a product bearing the SG mark is defective and causes an accident resulting in injury or death, CPSA is prepared to pay compensation. This monetary guarantee is an essential characteristic of the SG mark system. The system has established a landmark for consumer usage by covering products from ensuring their safety to compensation for injuries.

For more information: http://www.sg-mark.org

Yes, it is strongly advisable that children should wear helmets whenever they are traveling by bikes. Helmets can help absorb the impact in a crash or fall and thus reduce the risk of head injuries.

Please take a look at the following video from our helmets' Manufacturer on why helmet is important. ( * please turn on the translate caption feature if you do not understand Japanese)