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Shimano Coaster Brake Hub - CB-E110

Your price: SGD$55.00
Brass Spoke Washers
Brass Spoke Washers for 14G spokes
Brass Spoke Washers for CB-E110 hub
Shimano Coaster Hub CB-E110

- Heavy duty coaster hub

- 36-hole, 12g spokes

- Spoke Hole Diameter = 3mm

- Comes with fitting hardware and 18 tooth sprocket

- O.L.D. 110mm

- Axle 158mm



It is strongly recommend to build this Coaster Hub with brass spoke head washers if it's on a wheel that matters due to the large spoke holes and if you are using 14g spokes.

Please contact us if you wish to buy brass spoke head washers for lacing with 14g spokes.



Made in Japan