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Hebie Steerer Damper Stablizer 695 (28-62mm)

Your price: SGD$26.00
Mounting Kit

Hebie Steerer Damper Stabilizer 695 (28-62mm)

Steering dampers make it difficult to turn the handlebar while parking (e.g. on a two-leg stand), while making the wheel significantly more steady. The general riding comfort due to higher stability and the directional stability are improved (e.g. while riding with baskets or bags).

Frame, electric light cable and other accessories are no longer damaged when the handlebar is turned.


  • Complete mounting kits with any necessary part and fixings (see photo)
  • Spring made of stainless steel
  • Spring length approx. 78 mm
  • Universal steering stabilizer with plastic clamp for 28-62 mm tube diameter
    for bikes with suspension and rigid fork
  • Gross weight: 100g (including fittings)



1. Suitable for use on our bicycles (LKLM, Veloci Cycles, BaseCamp, Circe Cycles Tandem).

2. Free Installation for customers who bought our bikes.

3. Installation charge apply for other bicycles due to additional bolt for fork crown race or longer bolt, if necessary. Additional bolt to be purchased from us separately. 



Made in Germany.