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SunUp MaxiDyn DC6V8W USB Charger Spoke Dynamo

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This Product Is Currently Out Of Stock. Please Check With Us For Availability Date Before Ordering.


• One standard USB charger dynamo cable with two power outputs for each dynamo LED lights and USB charging
• High quality DC power dynamo, friction-less
• Very high efficiency bicycle generator. It requires less than 4 watts of kinetic energy to generate 3 watts of power for your lights.
• It is a three phase dynamo unlike standard hub dynamos, which are one phase. Produce more direct current (DC) and stable electricity (LEDs will not flicker at low speed)
• It can be installed on most standard adult-sized bicycles without changing or rebuilding the front wheel
• Left side rear wheel spokes mount-on design. Fit most of the rear wheel set in rim brake, chain derailleur and spokes
• Compatible with most popular wheel sizes from 20 inches up to around 700C
• Standard USB charger dynamo cable with wires ends of LED lights connection
• At riding speed of 10-15km/hr- Power output for single use of either LED lighting or USB power bank charging at 500mAh
• At riding speed of 20-25km/hr- Power output for simultaneous use of both LED lighting and USB power bank charging at 1000mAh
• Pedal easily for your speed of power, not pedal against the drag of an AC power Hub dynamo for limited power 3W only
• Rigid aluminum housing and sturdy mechanism. Good shock-proof even against bumpy MTB riding
• Waterproof (rainproof), IPX4
• Operating temperature range of -23~+65 degree C

* Only LED bicycle lamps is recommended
* High quality lithium battery power bank is recommended due to inconsistent riding speeds which widely depends on the riding conditions.Thus you can always plug and go as easy as you pedal your bike. A 2800mAh lithium battery power bank can be almost fully charged at constant high power output around 50km. This is already power that can charge more than an iPhone.

Made In Taiwan