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microSHIFT Drop Bar Shifters for Alfine 11

Your price: SGD$289.00
Microshift Drop Bar Shifter for Alfine 11_Right

microSHIFT Drop Bar Shifter for Alfine 11

This integrated road shifter is designed specifically for Alfine 11 cable pull, meaning it shifts perfectly every time without any hacks or inline cable pull adjusters.

It comes in a pair - Right lever for 1x11 (for Alfine 11), Left lever for brake.


  • Model No. SB-N110
  • Compatible with Shimano Alfine 8 hubs
  • Left brake lever for complete 1x setup
  • Replaceable hood cover and face plate
  • Cold forged brake levers
  • Short reach option
  • Comes with inner shifting wire
  • External cable routing
  • Must use inner cable with a 3.4mm head


Made in Taiwan.