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Heads Up - Eyewear Mounted Mirror

Check out our Eyewear Mounted Mirror and you will quickly see the superior design and quality of Heads Up! versus other eyewear mounted cycling mirrors.
List: SGD$20.00
Your price: SGD$10.00
Discount - SGD$10.00

Heads Up! requires little if any adjusting and it's made from a strong, very lightweight, safe-to-wear polycarbonate composite and Kraton. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve chosen a “safe for your face” mirror with no glass, exposed wire or sharp edges. If you need to adjust it, simply bend it slightly to maximize the field of vision from the oval mirror. Backed by the Bend & Stay policy.

Product Features:

    Bendable with no vibration
    Fits on all glasses
    Will Not Damage Glasses
    Removable/ Adjustable
    No Hassle Installation
    Weighs only 3.1 grams
    Color - Black