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GB Grocer Flat Rack

Your price: SGD$135.00
GB Grocer Flat Rack Top
GB Grocer Flat Rack Rear
GB Grocer Flat Rack Side View
GB Grocer Flat Rack Mounting Kit
GB Grocer Flat Rack Dimensions
GB Grocer Flat Rack Drawing
GB Grocer Flat Rack on Bike

GB Grocer Flat Rack

A useful flat-bed rack to haul your groceries or hardware stuffs. Bigger capacity than the GB Mini Rack, it is also wider to cater to many bigger "soft luggage" on top.

Stainless Steel made with sand blast finishing, it is large and sturdy with many mounting options.

This rack attaches to forks with mid fork eyelets and crown eyelets.


Colour: Sand blast

Material: 304 Tubular Stainless Steel

Platform Dimensions: 265 x 400mm

Rack Weight: 1060g (Rack) / 1380g (With mounting kit)

Maximum Load Capacity: 20kg



This rack will need mid-fork eyelets and fork crown eyelets (can use this adapter if there are no fork crown eyelets https://www.greenbasikal.com/index.php/online-store/accessories/rack-adapter-seatstay-fork-crown-detail) .

Warranty against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship: Within 3 years - New replacement. 


Made in China