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Bicycle Basic Service Package

Your price: SGD$58.00

Regular maintenance on a bicycle is important as it will improve performance and longevity of the bike. However, not every bike needs to do a full strip-down servicing as it may be overkill for most bikes. Our package cover the most important parts of the bike to ensure optimal performance and in safest condition.   

Works included in this package:

  • Check FD/RD adjustment and tune. Check RD pulley wheels for wear.
  • Check brakes and pads and tune accordingly. *Replace pads if worn  
  • Check chain for chain wear, clean and lubricate. *Replace chain if worn
  • Check the cogs on your cassette for wear.
  • Check brake and gear cables for fraying or rusting, and lubricate. *Replace cables/housing if worn
  • Check wheels if they are in true, inspect spokes. *true wheel, replace spokes if necessary
  • Check tyres for signs of wear, splitting. Re-inflate tyres to correct pressure.
  • Check headset/handlebar, adjust and tighten as necessary. *Service to be carried out if necessary
  • Check BB and wheel hubs for excessive play. *Service to be carried out if necessary
  • Check and tighten all bolts e.g. stem, seatpost clamp, handlebar clamp, racks, mudguards, all other accessories.
  • Lubricate all contact points e.g. pivot pints of RD/FD/rim brake calipers
  • Grease seat post

*Replacement parts & additional services required are not included. The additional prices with pictures will be sent to customers after assessment. They will only be carried out with customers’ approval. Labour for replacement will be free if replacement done during maintenance routine check.