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Biologic Joule II dynamo hub - 74mm (Silver)

Your price: SGD$49.00
Biologic Dynamo on 16inch 305 wheel
Biologic Dynamo with Front Dynamo Lamp

The Joule II dynamo hub has a built-in generator that produces electricity when the hub rotates while riding.

Designed to fit folding bikes with 74 mm forks (E.g. Tern, Dahon, Fnhon and etc)

Rated at 6V/2.4W at 15 km/hr (9.3 mph) under 15 ohm load.



No. of Holes = 20

O.L.D.= 74 mm

Wheel Sizes = 16" to 20"



We provide wheel building services for this dynamo. 16" to 20" rims are subject to availability.

Please contact us for more details.