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Circe Cycles Morpheus Tandem Bike - Omnis-8sp

The Morpheus is more of a sociable bike. With its mix of recumbent and upright seating, the Morpheus is the perfect sociable tandem. It is very maneuverable for city use, and is ideal for leisurely day rides or long tours where comfort and enjoying the scenery are more important than speed. In its own right, it is also a fully-fledged cargo bike, capable of taking large or awkward size packages.
Your price: SGD$4,660.00

Product Features:

•       Allows both riders to be able to look ahead at the same view. It also puts the two riders' heads closer together so conversation becomes relaxed and natural.
•       Independent pedaling system allows the front rider to choose when, or even whether, he/she wants to pedal. Such a system works well for couples, but is especially useful for riding with children or for special needs applications.
•       The recumbent front seat is also particularly comfortable. No more saddle or shoulder soreness and with a simple and extensive range of adjustment, it is easy to optimize comfort and swap riders around.        
•       Using 20" wheels that offer an unbeatable combination of strength and light weight. It also make the tandem more compact and, consequently, manageable. 
•       The seat or front rack can be quickly removed, and the handlebar rotated flat to significantly compact it down. It will fit into larger estates or people carriers without adjustment. 
•       It is a versatile people carrier, but replacing the front seat with the dedicated Cargo rack and it transforms into a superb cargo bike.  
•       Install a pair of lightweight tyres, and the more aerodynamic Euromesh seat, and the Morpheus transforms into a light, fast sports tandem.
•       By installing a conventional rear rack and dedicated mid racks, the Morpheus can take 4 large panniers, and, with various other places behind the front seat to stow additional luggage, making the ideal touring tandem.
•       It can take up to two child seats, including, with the use of the Steco Baby Mee, a Maxi Cosi baby car seat. Installing the Morpheus Kiddy System allows a small child to pedal in the stoker position.
•       With the addition of the RMS harness, the Morpheus is a great way to share the joy of cycling with those that may not otherwise be able to cycle. It works very well in some special needs situations, particularly where a degree of mobilization or exercise can be beneficial. Especially those with dementia, muscular and coordination issues, and blindness. 
•       To accommodate smaller riders, a dedicated kiddie crank system that moves the pedals much closer to the front seat can be installed. It is easily adjustable for different heights or to allow for growth.


Cro-Mo with disc mounts

Crankset stoker
Freewheel 30T, 170mm cranks

Crankset captain
Shimano 50/30T, 170mm crank

Brake (Front & Rear)
Disc Brakes

Shift lever
Microshift Bar End

Brake lever


Front hub
Shimano Deore 32h

Rear hub
Shimano Alfine 8 speed 32h

20"/406 32h

Schwalbe Marathon 1.75" x 20" (47-406)

Handlebar captain
Dedicated Morpheus bar

Handlebar stoker
Dedicated Morpheus bar


Seatpost captain
Oversize one piece



Gear range in inches
27 - 84

Back rider 142-196cm / 4’10” to 6’5" – front rider 107-188cm / 3’6" to 6’2"

Weight Limitations
Back rider 100kg / 220lbs  – front rider 90kg / 190lbs – Overall 200kg / 441lbs

Available Colours
Standard colour Gloss white with black transfers. Custom paint finishes costs additional SGD$600.

Made in UK

*All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice at any time without incurring obligations.

Specifications, components and accessories are subject to change without notice. Please kindly check with our staff before ordering.

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