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Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic (Pink)

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Back-Roller Classic (pair)

Materials: Sides of PS 490 nylon material, front and back of PD 620
Dimensions:42 x 23 x 17 cm
Weight: 1900g


• Classical rear pannier (pair) with roll closure
• QL1 mounting system
• Including integrated inner pocket and shoulder strap
• Pannier can be easily mounted to racks with a diameter up to 16 mm, reduction pieces for 8 mm
and 11 mm rack diameters included
• Top QL hooks and lower sliding hook adjustable with Allen key no. 3
• Can be used individually (e.g. for shopping, sports, picknick)
• Can be combined with the ORTLIEB Rack-Pack
• Comfortable to carry with shoulder strap (can be taken off)
• Highly reflective Scotchlite reflector
• Simultaneous use of ORTLIEB Travel-Biker or Trunk-Bag possible
• Can be easily cleaned inside

*Panniers come as a pair

Note: In order to meet standard IP64 (6=dustproof, 4=protected against splash water coming from
all directions) the closure must be rolled 3-4 times.

Made in Germany