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Roadie - Road Bike End Mirror

Roadie is the sleek and aerodynamic bar-end mirror designed for road bikes.
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The low profile, wide angle mirror is easy to adjust and ideal for any roadie. Roadie takes just seconds to install—simply remove the existing road bar cap, push Roadie in and off you go.

Product Features:
    Quick installation
    Sleek & stylish
    Adjustable & Stable
    Vibration Free
    Easy on & off
    Wide field of view
    Adjustable to any viewing angle
    High quality acrylic convex mirror
    One mirror per package
    Color - Black


Note: If the ball and socket joint on Roadie is not as tight as you like, simply insert a rubber band (of just about any type/size) into the plug and you will find that it instantly tightens up the ball and socket joint.