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VLC Rocket Rack Silver

Your price: SGD$210.00
3 Pieces Separable Design
Clearance for Drop Bars
Designed for Drop Bars Clearance
Height Adjustable Rack Support
Suitable for 26_650B_29er
Wide Platform

VLC Rocket Rack

  • Three piece design for easy storage when rack is off your bike.

  • Ideal platform shape for more drop bar clearance and sufficient carrying area.

  • Straight-forward and robust mechanism to enhance carrying weight limits.

  • Highly versatile design, fits 26”, 650B, 700C & 29er, and fits fork without rack bosses by exchanging adjustable bracket.

  • Extra adjustable point on both legs for easier installation.


Material: Stainless Steel

Maximum Load: 20kg

Fits: 26", 650B, 700C (Axle to Crown Height 368 to 400mm)

Platform Size: 305 x 285mm

Weight: 1,180g

Extra: Extra eyelets for light and gadgets

Colours: Stainless Silver


Download installation instructions here: